Our Commute to Language School in Milan
from David Showalter on YouTube.
Join us for a dizzying 4 minute rendering of our 45 minute communte to
language school in the center of Milan!


Global Missions — Italy Calling from Christ Chapel Bible Church on Vimeo.
Our calling to the lost of Italy!


From Where You Stand: The Odds Are from Crossworld on Vimeo.
What are the odds of finding another believer? Depends on where on the planet you stand.


From Where You Stand: The Light from Crossworld on Vimeo.
Where the church once flourished, very few now carry the light of Christ.


From Where You Stand: The Geography of Belief from Crossworld on Vimeo.
The spiritual landscape in Western Europe can be compared to a map with nothing on it. How do you find your way?


When 1 Becomes 2 from Crossworld on Vimeo.
Disciples making disciples is a powerful tool.


Cinque Minuti (Five Minutes) from Cinema Verita on YouTube.
A suicidal girl meets a stranger on a bridge. Based on Hebrews 11:6. This is an excellent depiction of the spiritual condition of Italy.

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  1. Loved your condensed trip to language school in Milan. You were very near La Scala there. Praying for you.

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