Almost Here!

It’s crazy to think that 9 months have come and gone, and here we are two weeks away from Lucas Benjamin’s expected arrival! Many of you have generously asked how you might send us a gift to help as we transition into parenthood and life as a family of three. We are blessed that you would want to help us in this way! I have created a registry with Babies”R”Us which you can find by searching for our names here:

We have chosen only smaller items that we will be able to fit in our suitcase when we return to Italy in September. The Lord has blessed us already in providing for Lucas through Italian friends, Crossworld Italy missionaries, hand-me-downs and people who have come to visit during this past year from the US. We have been blown away at His continued provision through each of our supporters who so faithfully give month after month.

We are excitedly waiting for the birth of our son; it still feels weird saying that!   Even though I am experiencing a mix of emotions ranging from anxiety/fear of the unknown to joyful anticipation, the strongest emotion I feel is love for Lucas–already so strong and I haven’t even laid eyes on him! I really look forward to meeting him, holding him, and seeing how God chose to mix parts of me and parts of David together to create our little boy. I look forward to experiencing love in a whole new way and understanding God’s love more profoundly as we discover a new way to love.

I know pregnancy is different for every woman and for every child, but I am so thankful that this has been an easy and enjoyable time. Many of you have prayed for us throughout these months and I believe God has answered your (and our) prayers and will continue to do so in the future. I have been praying scripture from the Bible over him and asking God that one day Lucas may know Jesus Christ personally and live up to the name we gave him–bearer of light. This has been and will continue to be my biggest prayer request for him: that he would be a light for Christ in the darkness around him wherever he may go. However, my prayers aren’t all that deep and spiritual. Ha! I also ask God for things like a pain-free, quick labor, easy breast-feeding and for Lucas to sleep well from day one. I figure He can always say no but it sure doesn’t hurt to ask! At least it helps me remember that God is truly in control of all things and I can trust all things to Him.

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  1. Bekah strangarity says:

    Just read this to Marcia Good, and both of us were smiling and just so happy and loved this…
    praying for Lucas… alongside your prayers. That he would be a light in a dark world and bring hope to many and that his birth and first few weeks would be great!
    Love to you three !

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