A Tribute to David Millet

Jana and I join with all of you gathered here to not only personally grieve the loss of our precious friend David Millet, but also to celebrate his life and entrance into the glorious presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.   We write you from the mission field in Western Europe where the Lord has sent us to serve among the vast majority of this continent that is lost without a personal relationship with Christ.   We are here in large measure because God used men like David Millet to stand in the gap and provide for us to get us here.

I first talked to David Millet in a 30 minute phone interview in 2005 when I was finishing up two years in Milan serving as a missionary to university students.   I was planning to attend Dallas Seminary that fall and I really needed a job to pay the bills.   Our dear mutual friend Pete Charpentier had just introduced us via email.   David, with his big heart and a recommendation from Pete, hired me sight unseen before I had even left Italy to come to Dallas.   Not only did David hire me to be his personal assistant at Millet the Printer, but he also gave me a place to live in his backhouse for my first 3 semesters of seminary–without cost!

Little did I know that my future boss would also become my very dear friend.   I watched and learned from David’s zealous commitment to always do right by his customers, his incredibly generous heart to support the Lord’s Kingdom work around the globe, and his commitment to serve and take care of his family.   David was the hands and feet of Christ to me and so many others over the years.   He ministered to me more than he ever knew.   We also all knew David to be a passionate promoter of even the simplest things that he loved–from his favorite restaurants to the latest dietary supplement that he was trying.

I am so grateful that David Millet believed in me and the plan God had for me.   My life has been forever changed by the impact of the six years that I was blessed to spend with him.   I will never go to places like Celebration Restaurant, Spiral Diner, and Dream Café without thinking fondly of David.   I thank God for the privilege it was to call David Millet my friend on this side of eternity and I cannot wait to be reunited with him in fellowship in the presence of our Lord Jesus in glory!

–David Showalter, Bologna, Italy

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  1. Alana Greenwich says:

    I heard you speak so often of him and with such admiration and respect. I know you will miss him. Thanks for sharing a little more about this special friend and his faithfulness!

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